Samule W. Cottam
Samuel W. Cottam
St. Peter's Church - Sunderland
Samuel W. Cottam came to Sunderland from Yorkshire in 1858 to start a businesss.

The Port of Sunderland was undergoing a significant expansion at the time. It was called the "Greatest Shipbuilding Town in the World." Samuel brought his own expertise to the bustling town during this time and created a thriving business for himself and his family.

This page is dedicated to his ancestors and descendants all over the world.
St. Peter's Church
The present parish church of St Peter's at Wearmouth, on the north bank of the River Wear, occupies the ancient priory church building and is one of the oldest churches in Great Britain. The tower dates from Norman times, and doubtless formed part of the building as restored after the Conquest. The church is now part of The Parish of Monkwearmouth, which also includes All Saints' Church and St. Andrew's Church. It is adjacent to the St. Peter's Campus of the University of Sunderland.